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Central Germany’s first great bear party opens its doors! For the weekend of Oct. 13-15, 2017, we have put together a colorful program for bears, leathermen, jeans wearer, and friends!

Leipzig´s first big bear party takes place in one of the hottest clubs in Leipzig – the Sky Club, located in Leipzig Paunsdorf. The event location is a quaint former factory hall and has several dancefloors.

 Bear IT! Leipzig´s First Big Bear Party
Why should we leave our cozy dens in Berlin and venture to Leipzig?
Leipzig is a beautiful, multi-faceted city that you should really get to know. The party weekend offers you the best opportunity!
What’s the local bear scene like?
Our bear scene in Leipzig is still young. It grows and we have some things in the near future. Stay tuned!
How many guys are you expecting?
We are expecting between 400 to 500 guys from Germany, Prague, Vienna and some other cities of Europe. Be surprised!
What’s your favorite part of the weekend?
The highlight will be the „Bear IT!“ Party on Saturday, 14th Oct., in the SkyClub! We have selected a great location for you, enough space for bears and friends from all over the world.
Will I find Mr. Right? Or maybe Mr. Right now?
You can find Mr. Right everywhere, maybe in Leipzig. Leipzig has many singles waiting to be caught.
What does one bring to a bear Weekend?
When you come to Leipzig, you should bring time and good spirits.
If I’m not a bear, can I still join the fun?
Yes, you can. “Bear IT!” is a party for bears, leathermen, jeans wearer, and friends!
What are other bear happenings coming up in Leipzig?
We founded the group “Leipzig Bären” and have something in common at least once a month. We go bowling, hiking, partying, meet us for a picnic. Join us at or at Facebook “Leipzig Bären”.
Where can I learn more and sign up?
You can learn more about our party or Leipzig Bären at We look forward to seeing you soon.

Leipzig bears are a group of gay men from Leipzig and the surrounding area. A beard, body hair and a stocky figure can be external characteristics of a bear. But that is not all, and not all Leipzig bears look “bear”. But what connects all those who come to our meetings is the preference for bearded, hairy men and the desire for a society of men who have preserved their naturalness.

Why is there the Leipzig bear?

With these physical characteristics and/or preferences, the bears within the gay scene belong to a minority. They often experience discrimination in this scene as bears do not always correspond to the commercial beauty ideals of our society today. A resulting body shaming can exacerbate psychological stress factors and lead to a retreat from social contacts to isolation.

When and how did it all begin?

In autumn 2016 everything started with a first hike. A group of 20 bears set out to explore the town of Grimma and the trail along the hollow. As the popularity of our joint ventures grew, we decided to expand the circle of interested parties to bears. We founded a Whatsapp and a Facebook group and brought in other interested bears into the boat. The groups will be informed about the planned activities and, in retrospect, leave a small report on the activities as a reminder. In the meantime, there are already over 140 members, who come not only from Leipzig but also from the distant surroundings. With the Internet presence, should be reached also those who are not registered with Facebook. Everyone is welcome,

Our goal…

… is to present our newly established bear community to the outside, to strengthen our gay community and give individual members, who are inhibited, to meet with others, to give some support and the security in the group. We would like to take the members or potential prospects in front of their computers and behind their smartphones, so that they can get to know each other personally, have a great time together and have a great time together. Already now good friendships have developed and perhaps this sociocultural idea leads to many partnerships. A very worthwhile destination.

Bear IT! Leipzig´s First Big Bear Party

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