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Looking for the most current, up to date info of what’s happening in Berlin?  Check out theses Berlin blogs and websites….

  • And Berlin – a new city. a new language. a new life.
  • alternative Berlin – The blog often covers darker, stranger things in life and in this city. Like graffiti, it´s not always pretty but we do like to support local places, people,events and cover current topics. So it´s not always confrontational or heavy. It is what it is “The view from the gutter.”
  • Art Connect Berlin – a networking platform for the creative community of Berlin, a free tool for Berliners which provides you with an easy way to connect with others by sharing your online portfolio, tagging yourself by your skills, and find or be found by them. You can also post about jobs in the opportunities section, studios in the spaces section, material and ads in the marketplace and your exhibitions in events.
  • Berlin Art Link – Founded in Sept. 2010 by Anna Russ and Monica Salazar, BERLIN ART LINK is the insider’s guide to the international art scene. Through operating BERLIN.
  • Berlin Food Stories  – This blog is all about the experiencing best possible culinary experience in Europe’s most extravagant city. Follow Berlin Food Stories to stay updated on my favorite restaurants and join me in indulging the city’s best food.
  • Berlin Is(s)t Bio – this blog is dedicated to covering the organic food ‘scene’ in Berlin – restaurants, ingredients, shops.
  • Berlin Reified – Berlin Reified examines food, design and everyday life in Berlin.
  • Berlin Vegan – Welcome to the website for all interested vegans from Berlin and the surrounding area as well as those who want to be there. Here you can find information about animal rights and veganism – with a local focus on Berlin , appointments and promotions. Particularly interesting and popular: our listings and descriptions of vegan restaurants .
  • Big Blog Map – The Big Blog Map displays Travel Blogs Geographically. Find the best USA, Europe, South America and Asia Travel Blogs.
  • – visitBerlin has advertised the tourist services offered by the City State of Berlin worldwide since 1993. It is the service agency for congress and tourism partners in the various markets and an active information broker for the travel industry. visitBerlin also operates Berlin Tourist Information, which offers the complete tourist service spectrum to visitors to the capital.
  • Cabaret Berlin – Exploring the entertainment of the Weimar era.
  • Cee Cee Newsletter – Let us entice you every Thursday with our carefully hand-picked information dropped conveniently into your inbox at no cost in either English or German. From Berlin, about Berlin — and beyond.
  • Digital in Berlin – Away from mainstream, pop-culture and conventional society; we report on the most breathtaking metropolis in Europe. Because the destiny of Berlin is a continuous journey with out ever arriving.
  • Finding Berlina visual magazine ded­ic­ated to Ber­lin and its cul­tural diversity. By pho­to­graphy and video­graphy the authors of the site try to cap­ture all parts of the cit­ies devel­op­ment and the unique fea­tures of Ber­lin: urban art, techno hedon­ism, authen­tic places and some intim­ate Ber­lin anec­dotes will find a one of a kind platform.
  • Foodie In Berlin – About me… My name is Suzy. I was born in Kuwait and up until my teenage years I spent my time between Bucharest and Athens. I went to University in Paris and like many before me, discovered food….
  • I Heart Berlin – We live in Berlin and we heart it so much that we have to share our love for it by running this blog. Here you find reviews and tipps if you visit or live in Berlin and want to know how to find the good stuff. From restaurants to shops, from theaters to art galleries, from concerts to party, from places to people.
  • Journey To Berlin – For the past 10 years, I’ve been prodding around some of Berlin’s more obscure corners. With this site, I hope to slowly peel back the layers of the city’s history, as well as bringing a flavor of modern life in Germany’s capital. You’ll find a fair bit about the more well known landmarks here, but you can also count on me to serve up a good helping of reports from where the guidebooks are afraid to tread…
  • Kreuzberg’d –  Like by now probably 99.999% of all the people in Berlin Kreuzberg the author of this blog is a “newcomer”. She wasn´t there when the Turkish Gastarbeiter arrived, she wasn´t there when the punks took over and she was even less there when the Wall came down and the first “Ossies” dared over the Oberbaumbrücke (actually, she was very much on the Eastern side then herself and far, far from Berlin, thank you). But in those years when she WAS there, she has seen enough to convince her that Kreuzberg is in fact like cigarettes: you know it´s bad for you, but you can´t stop.
  • Needle Berlin – A Blog about places in the German capital and what they mean, given the the amazing Renaissance now gripping the city, and its dramatic and terrifying history. Berlin is Europe’s most exciting metropolis, and The Needle is here to share.
  • NPR Berlin – NPR FM Berlin Blog.
  • Pieces of Berlinpieces of berlin is a photo blog about the world’s most marvelous city and its inhabitants. it attempts to lay out and capture a profile of berlin’s everyday life in its entirety by way of approaching random people on the street, shooting a portrait and quizzing them about their homes. online since march 2010, pieces of berlin documents both the current bustle and the constant change of our metropolis. all berlin pictures are analogue 6×6 photos and are available as limited prints.
  • Silicon Allee – Silicon Allee was started by a couple of expatriate Berlin-based entrepreneurs. We spent a lot of 2010 in Silicon Valley. If you’ve experienced both the American start up scene and the German start up scene, you know that they couldn’t possibly be more different.
  • Slow Travel Berlin – In the same way that the Slow Food revolution has created a compelling antithesis to the burgeoning Fast Food business, Slow Travel encourages people to resist “Fast” Travel – the frustratingly frequent habit of speeding through all the best known landmarks of a city in 24 or 48 hours – then leaving again.
  • Startup Digest Berlin – The best technology and startup events in Berlin curated by StartupDigest.
  • Stil in Berlin“Stil in Berlin” is an online photography project, published in blog-format – It presents a selection of contemporary portraits in exclusive photography, extensive interviews with people defining Berlin’s current atmosphere as well as well selected tips on life in Berlin.
  • Strollology – This blog is about strol­ling through Ber­lin, collec­ting impres­si­ons on the daily run from A to B, dig­ging for sto­ries behind pla­ces, asi­des and over­looked cor­ners.
  • Sugarhigh – a bilingual daily email magazine featuring the latest in contemporary culture in Berlin – art, music, fashion, food, film, events and more.  sugarhigh is free and strictly editorial.
  • überlin – LDN to BLN. Two London refugees living ze dream in Berlin. We are James, a freelance writer and social media analyst, and Zoë, a digital designer and photographer. As soon as we figured out we could do this stuff from anywhere with a wi-fi connection, we packed up our laptops and our cats and got the first flight from London to our favorite city in the world: Berlin. This blog documents our new life in a new city, and hopefully lots of new fun – our Berlin Years.
  • Under a Grey Sky – Urban walks, hillside rambles, lakes and rivers, pub beer gardens and seaside ice cream… dispatches from beyond the front door, whatever the weather…
  • Wednesday ChefThe Wednesday Chef is written by me, Luisa Weiss. I’m a writer and home cook and I live in Berlin, Germany. I used to live in New York City, where I edited cookbooks and blogged and ran around gaping at the wonders of the world around me. But in the fall of 2009, I moved back to Berlin, where I was born, to live with my husband Max and write full-time.

 Berlin Blogs and Websites


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