Fetish-Inclined Leathers for Puppies and Freaks

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Located at Motzstraße 37 near Martin Luther Straße, Thomas Sander’s Passion offers handcrafted leather products for puppies and freaks.

Aachen-born (near Cologne/Köln) Thomas is a 4th generation leather craftsman hand cutting and sewing all of his products from the finest German leather. His great-grandfather was a leather craftsman for over 50 years. Thomas grew up in the family business and made his first leather leash at 12. He went on the to become a leather apprentice for a saddlery at the age of 16. His “passion” is crafting high-quality items for his customers whether they be canine or human or some combination of both. Most of his products are chemical free and are proudly handcrafted to meet Made in Germany standards.

Fetish-Inclined Leathers for Puppies and Freaks.

It truly is a family business. A few years back, he was commissioned to create a dungeon space for a client. He designed leather walls, Fetish furniture and even installed the soundproofing. It was a big project that required a little help. His father pitched in and did all of the stonework to complete the full dungeon decor. The Sanders pride themselves in bring quality to every project. Sander uses quality and organically tanned German and Italian leather.

Thomas launched his first shop specializing in products for dogs – collars, leashes, and harnesses. Simple collar designs elaborating into creative fashion meeting the demand for plenty of bling! This past April, he launched his second store on Motzstraße and expanded into Fetish wear. He caters to the fetish-inclined, having developed a loyal following with his supply of human collars and other arousing leather items for puppies and freaks.

Bondage Belt
Bondage Belt

He works with traditional thick German cowhides. This type of leather lends itself to items like leashes, collars and biker gear that typically require sturdy construction. The motorcycle crowd comes for custom saddle bags and other quality biker gear.

He also has produced items from moose and buffalo hides. He offers tips for leather care so that your product will serve you for years to come.

The Berlin puppy scene has exploded and provided a natural crossover from collars and leashes to bondage gear, harnesses, and impact items – crops, paddles and so much more – for you kinky freaks. His customers range from dog enthusiasts looking accessories for their pets to local fetish players looking for quality gear to tourists looking for something edgy from their trip to Berlin.

Berlin is the perfect place for a crossover shop like Passion. During BLF’s Easter Week there is a puppy walk and puppies abound at Folsom Europe. So head over to Motzstraße for the finest puppy gear for all your puppies. In addition to the leather designs in his shop, he works with clients to create custom pieces to meet all their Fetish needs. He also provides repair services for all your leather needs.

And with the holidays quickly approaching, you want to stop by to check Thomas’ annual traditional leather advent wreath.

Fetish-Inclined Leathers for Puppies and Freaks

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