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It’s not about building websites – it’s about building online businesses . . .

How many of you have a website? Uh huh. How many of you have updated it in the last month? Exactly. What is your page rank? Your Alexa ranking? or even your link building strategy? Not sure, call us we can help!

Internet Marketing Berlin

Building Online –

We assist clients in making the most of their web presence. Internet strategies are more than putting a website online and hoping for the best. Internet marketing includes website design, communication plans, branding, search engine optimization, e-commerce solutions, pay per click and integration with existing business tools for inventory control and financial reporting. We emphasize content driven websites with the latest search engine optimization techniques to target your customer base.

We know it takes more than a pretty home page to launch a successful site. We emphasize planning, research, and critical analysis. And once it’s launched we work with you to develop the content and optimize the site.

Bottom line is you need to know that your strategy is working and that requires testing and measurement. What is your site rank? What kind of traffic visits the site? What is your bounce rate and why are they leaving?

Building Communities –

Stickiness is key. Your site should be a valuable resource to your visitors. If it’s not, why would they ever come back? Your visitors are real people with real needs. Do you meet them? What do they like? Where do they hang out? Do the Tweet? Does it matter? It should!

You can spend gobs of money advertising on traditional media or you can go to the sites where your customers hang out. Social Networking sites that target your demographic can be a direct in. How are treating your Facebook buddies? Do you have a Google+ page? Is Pinterest right for your business? Have you launched your video career on YouTube?

Building Businesses –

There are two types of websites – those that make money and those that are hobbies. Which is yours? Is your website adding to the bottom line or is just an online brochure? When you want to get serious about the Internet call us . . .

By the way – we don’t believe in “get rich” quick schemes – unless of course you thought up the scheme and have sold it to the lemmings. If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is. We will never promise to get you the #1 ranking overnight; we will never use Black Hat techniques to try to beat the system. Honestly, the system is pretty smart! But, what we will guide you through a cost-effective solution using the Internet to tap into customers around the world!

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